Friday, February 22, 2008

Friday Regular Daddies

Every Friday I will post pictures of some real people Hot Daddies. This week we are pulling them from I've included their User Names from the site, feel free to look up their profiles and if they are in your area and you connect with them, tell them you saw them here on Hot Daddy of the Day!!
RHODIELIFTER - Newport, Rhode Island
REVEAL68 - Melbourne, Victoria, Australlia

TYHORES - Rochester, New York TRIPHAMMER - San Francisco, California
WALTEX - Miami, Florida
DJ75 - Los Angeles, California
PJNSD - San Diego, California
ERIC55 - Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

See you all on Monday, have a fantastic weekend!

1 comment:

Brett said...

This is a fun concept for a blog! Nice looking guys.