Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Hot Daddy Nipples

I get several emails (although I secretly wish it were "tons" of emails) commenting on the site and every now and then some of you make suggestions. Well today I got an email from Andy in Germany. He suggested I do a category of Hot Daddy Nipples, he even sent a sample pic. So below I have included his sample pic, which is totally hot, and a few of my favorite Daddy Nipple pictures. :) My challenge to you.... What other categories should I focus on? Help me. This posting everyday thing is not easy (as you can probably tell due to lack of posts everyday). But it sure would be easier with a few suggestions on what or who to blog about. So please keep the suggestions and pictures coming. ALWAYS FEEL FREE TO SEND ME PICS OF HOT DADDIES!!


And now.... Hot Daddy Nipples!

1 comment:

larry said...

love to suck on nipples... mine make me cum...