Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Hottie of the Day, Victor Banda

Let's all give a one-handed welcome to Victor Banda, who joins Francois Sagat and Francesco D'Macho as the latest European import to commute to San Francisco for exciting employment opportunities in the gay porn industry: The fun-sized 23yo Madrid-based muscleboy clocks in at 5'6 and was signed as a Titan exclusive at the beginning of last year, though if you haven't already noticed him by now it might be because he bears an uncanny resemblance to another Titan fave, Damien Crosse (, and you were just getting them confused. (And don't think the studio is missing that opportunity; we're told "the two look like they could be brothers, which may be played up on in future films.") Catch Victor in action in Titan's "Boiler" and "H20". Victor has some NSFW pics on his blog Be sure to check it out. Or check out his MySpace page


debriefme4funagain said...

Great blog - Thanks for the link - have added you to mine at Cheers PETER

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous guy: SAY NO TO THE RAZOR!!!ufaj

Anonymous said...

Victor and Damien Crosse! Victor and Damien and Marco Blaze! Victor and Damien and Marco and Dean Flynn! Victor and Damien and Marco and Dean and Max Schutler!